Posted: 2.28.2013 | | Labels: ,

two weeks and i am on a plane to europe. i'm excited and also i still need to get a lot done before i board that plane. i'm trying not to stress out and for those of you who know me you know that's not likely. i'm a real mess. i had to take a mental health day yesterday because i am stressed and tired of trying to get all my school work done before i leave.

there are so many restaurants i am excited to eat at. i am also fully ready to come home 10 pounds heavier. i will indulge in all the pastries and food i want because why the hell not, it's london and paris. i'm bringing my running shoes and plan on going on a run at least everyday while in london (i'll leave my shoes back in the london apartment while in paris) because i might be cranky if i don't workout ha ha. it'll be nice to explore and sight see while on my run and also i will feel better if i workout before eating my weight in delicious food. i'm also so excited to go shopping and explore london and paris. there is no one i'd rather go on this trip with than one of my best friends, R.

if you have any recommendations about places to check out please let me know!!!

see you soon, london and paris. be good to me.