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today i am bringing you both fashion and love. The Kooples makes clothes for women and men that is very british-french. it's tailored, sleek, and timeless AND cool. i always see street style photographs of french and british people and i cannot grasp how cool and put together their looks usually are. what i don't understand is how it always looks so effortless. that is enviable, people.

i'll be spending two weeks in london and paris in two weeks and i'm going to try to figure out their secret. but let's face it, europeans are better than us. i fully believe it. 

back to The Kooples, their pieces are timeless which i am a huge fan of because trends are always changing and it's nice to have pieces in your closet that will outlast all the new trends. i'd like one of everything, please. ha ha i can dream, right?

something The Kooples is doing which in my opinion is great marketing is that they are having actual couples (kooples..get it?) be part of their advertising campaigns. for example, some of you probably know of the musician devendra banhart. devendra and his beautiful girlfriend, ana kras are in one of their videos (watch below) and they kind of explain their love story. side note: their story is probably one of the greatest i've heard in a while.

there are so many great videos and photographs that are being used by The Kooples. i applaud them for it. a job well done.