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i can't believe it is officially my birthday month. birthday months are the best! the other day my friend mentioned she had gotten me a gift and birthday card already and i instantly got excited. it's not about getting tons of gifts and all that, i just love when people know me so well and their gifts (big or small) are perfect. my friends also told me i had to post my birthday gift guide this week.

so, with that being said, here is my birthday gift guide! if i don't get any of these items i won't be upset at all. these are just some things i saw and knew i would eventually want to possess.

most of my favorite things though are pretty posters, anything and everything gold, and new matchbook/matchboxes to add to my collection. fun things like that! my friends know me so well that i know whatever they get me i will love!

i will be spending my birthday in london this year and all i know is that i want to go to brunch that day and at least five bakeries as well as shop a little. 

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