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i wish you guys could see how i look right now (just kidding, i'd be embarassed.) i have been looking up Paris apartments on airbnb for the past two hours as well as figuring out which district to stay in and what train times to book. my eyes kill, (mostly because i was too lazy to get off my bed and go grab my glasses) i am exhausted, and also stressed. don't get me wrong i am so excited, it just requires more planning than you would actually imagine.

if any of you have been to paris i would love recommendations! we are currently looking to stay in Le Marais because i've heard that it's a wonderful neighborhood. it's hip, full of great places to eat, as well as loaded with great boutiques. don't ask me why we still haven't booked out train to paris or found an apartment, let's just pretend we are trying to be spontaneous and it's not because we have been busy.

you'll find out soon where we end up!