Posted: 3.27.2013 | | Labels:

i'm back! so, i should warn you that this is being written basically right after getting home so i am jet lagged and i want breakfast from fields (a restaurant in london that i will write about soon).  from the start of my trip i felt very at home in london and i was definitely emotional on the plane ride back. you better believe i am already planning my trip back to london. also, i plan to move there one day. it's perfect.

it feels weird being back home after being abroad for two whole weeks. two weeks felt like forever and not long enough. i'm actually really sad to be back home. i left my heart in london.
i am so in love with everything that is london. i think i can try to explain all the many things i love, but not until someone experiences london firsthand can they really understand.

i plan to have some london related posts up soon. i will share some restaurants to check out, museums, shops, and music (duh).

for now, i sleep...and drink tons of caffeine when awake.