Posted: 3.28.2013 | | Labels: ,

sunday brunch is a must. sunday is my favorite day of the week and brunch is my favorite it only makes sense that combined it's basically a perfect combination.

three of my best friends and i have started trying to get together on sundays for brunch. we all love going somewhere new or cooking and getting together so it has worked out really well. we all look forward to our brunch outings! 

the first week we went and got bagels and coffee at a local cafe. a few sundays ago we went to Cliff's Edge Cafe in Silverlake. the place is great. it's got a hip vibe and the outdoor seating is set up really nicely. there is a big old giant tree in the middle and it makes it feel like you are in a tree house which is every kids dream, duh. the food there is great. the breakfast patty and waffles are actually out of this world. it was all delicious and if you are ever in the area you need to go eat at cliff's edge. you won't regret it. the sunday before i left for europe we decided to cook our own brunch. we made omelets, pancakes, and of course mimosas. brunch is taken very seriously. it ain't no small thang. 

do you guys do brunch? if so do you like cooking at home or going out and trying new restaurants?