Posted: 4.16.2013 | | Labels:

occasionally i abandon my blog for a little bit (you might have noticed this) and trying to get back to blogging can sometimes be difficult because you don't wanna put out crappy posts. there are tons of posts in my draft pile because well, they weren't exactly what i wanted them to be. 

occasionally, i get great feedback from people. either they liked a post or my music monday playlists. it's nice. it makes me feel like i'm not just blogging for myself. people actually care. i recently received an email from a reader telling me that she loved my blog and how i inspired her to create her own. let me tell you right now that that is probably one of the best things ever. it made me feel bad for abandoning my blog so often and it excited me. 

that being said, i promise to not abandon my blog as often. (because let's be honest, life is crazy and sometimes you just can't blog.) 

and yes, i realize i didn't post a new music monday playlist, but that is because my playlist was only half done. oops. sorry, next week it'll be extra long i promise.