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i kept it a secret for a few months, but the cat's out of the bag...i am currently apartment hunting in los angeles with one of my best friends. it's fun and stressful, but we are loving every single second of it. we randomly text each other things like, "i'm so excited to cook dinner with you!" and "fancy dinner parties are a must". i don't want to reveal too much because i am afraid i'll jinx it, but let me just say that we have viewed some terrible apartments and one that has stolen our hearts. it's small, but in the greatest location and i keep dreaming about it. 

we are having so much fun buying items for our future apartment. we even created a pinterest board where both of us can pin photos of things we love for our place. seeing photos of other people's places is really great because we have gotten so many ideas. these are a few places i am loving! 

how great is all the art work up on the walls?! we are definitely going to have our prints all framed up and displayed. we are taking the less expensive route and looking for an old mid century style couch on craigslist to get reupholstered! reupholstering is the thing to do haven't you heard?

i'm excited and nervous, but mostly excited!