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this week we have a guest blogger taking over music monday. if you ever want any recommendations for things to do in san francisco tweet her. i promise you won't be disappointed. not only is em a total foodie, but she knows how to dress well and homegirl is hilarious. instead of doing a normal bio introduction i decided to ask her to send me over three random facts about her and this is what i got back. enjoy.

1. I hate people who talk during movies
2. French toast is not a breakfast food, it’s a dessert
3. I have a picture of Ryan Sheckler on my retainer

So this playlist is a shout out to all my ladies. I have come to the recent epiphany that I am a woman's woman. I’d like to pretend that I’m a guy’s girl but I hate sports and I naturally deflect men, perhaps because of my intimidating good looks? So I made this playlist to celebrate all the joys of being a woman: shopping, gossiping, and not having to pay for the meal on the first date.

But the ladies on this playlist are so much more than that, there are badasses in their music and just for being in a band. Kudos.