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jenny holzer took over the empty marquees that once advertised events at 42nd street theaters. Instead of coming attraction, however, the public found “truisms” – statements by holzer that had the authorities ring of proverbs. but instead of confirming accepted practices, these comments often seemed to come out of left field. holzer reordered the world along the lines according to her uncanny “uncommon sense.”

this project was a part of creative time’s 42nd street project (1993) which invited more than 24 american artists, architects and designers to transform manhattan’s historic west 42nd street into a dynamic, round-the-clock public art exhibition. participating artists took 42nd street on its own terms in both form and content, creating temporary, site-specific works in, on, and around storefront display windows, theater marquees, roll-down security gates, posters, commercial billboard spaces and sidewalks.

i really love this and i just had to share it. 

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