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i know i've been pretty absent over here, but with the move coming up in two weeks and getting close to finals i seem to have no time (honesty time: not much interest) in posting on this blog. i feel bad because i've come across some awesome things i have been meaning to share with you all, but i just haven't. 

as you probably noticed i didn't post a new music monday playlist, but i am bringing you today a band that you all need to know about. i find Bell X1 to be a band that really pulls at your heart strings. they are a band from Dublin, Ireland and they've been together since 2000. most of the band were originally members of Juniper. i am so glad they got together to create the incredible band that is bell X1. 

their live performances are powerful and have a sense of nostalgia. their whole sound is kind of like this in a way. the lyrics are witty and interesting. i have been playing them nonstop and as much as i kind of want to keep this band all to myself i feel like i am letting some of you down if i don't share their greatness. 

one of my favorite songs by them is this song above, velcro. let me tell you have to listen to both the recorded and live version. so incredible. enjoy, guys.