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it's been a while! woah! life has been keeping me busy lately.
two life updates: i officially reside in los angeles. los feliz to be exact. i love it. i really feel at home here. my roommate and i are always saying to each other how we can't believe we live here. mostly because we live next to some really great shops and places to eat. it's pretty fun to have so much within walking distance. i've also got a job. i work for heather gildroy, a killer photographer. that happened really fast and it was super unexpected, but i am loving every second of it. i truly think i have the best boss ever. i love having a boss that is fun and who is willing to help me achieve my goals and dreams. i've been busy and i think i will be for quite a while. i don't mind it one bit!

i think this blog may turn into more of a place to write about al my adventures. who knows though!