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i'm back, people! i'll probably go mia again, but hey at least i try?

i just wanted to take the time to talk about something i've come to truly realize and live out. 
taking big risks isn't easy. it's scary, you don't know what the hell is going to happen. it could end terribly or wonderfully, but you will never know until that risks is taken...until you say yes to what you want. 

moving to los angeles was a massive risk i questioned for a while. would it be worth it? would this city eat me up? would i not feel at home? would i even find a job? the list went on and on.  a week or two ago i was telling my roommate how i was feeling out of place and was still slightly questioning the move. i told her i was aware it would take some time to settle down and feel fully at home, but i was scared i wouldn't be good enough. but is anyone ever really good enough?

let me tell you though, if i had never said yes to moving and had i never sent out resumes to people i admire artistically or decided to go after what i wanted then i sure as hell wouldn't be where i am right now. i've never been so excited and inspired in my life. i've got a job with a great photographer and even greater person. i've gotten to meet so many great people who have been nothing but kind to me. my job makes truly fulfills me and i still cannot believe i am doing what i am doing. i get to travel, come up with ideas, do things i've always wanted to do and i get that even considered a job? my boss keeps me inspired and she pushes me to be better. we have huge goals and i honestly can tell you i think we will achieve greatness.

say yes to your dreams. take risks. let yourself fall in love. put yourself first. forget the past or at least try let go of it. forgive people. let go of whatever your holding on to that is hurting you. let go of grudges. be free. be happy. cry if you need to. most importantly; love yourself. you are worth it all. i promise. the risks and dreams you are too afraid to say out loud are worth it. go for it. you have one life, just one. 

happy monday! and here's a playlist for you to listen to this week! it's just a random collection of songs i've been currently listening to. i'm continually adding to it so it'll probably get really long!