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the unknown has never felt so magical. so full of secrets and power. 
if i've learned anything in the past month and a half of living in los angeles it's that you are given one life and you must embrace the moments that surround you. the quiet moments, the hectic moments, even the stressful and painful moments. you take them in and you let them be. they are what make you up. i've grown to love them all. walking downtown has never felt so beautiful. waiting for the light to change. watching the people that walk by me. i'm taking it all in. those moments fill me. sitting on the side of the street at 3 in the morning in who knows where talking about heartbreak, ambitions, and traveling. those moments fill me. they change me. they are what inspire me. i've even grown to embrace the moments when i am driving in mad los angeles traffic stressed and with eyes full of tears. i'll look back and know that all of those moments changed me. 

it's not always about trying to fill your time with all these events and parties and so on. it's also about creating moments out of thin air. go outside more. meet new people. listen to people's stories. share your stories. don't be afraid to be anyone but yourself. don't be afraid of the judgment. there is freedom in not caring. say yes more. say no more. do what you are too afraid to do. remember that we are given one life and no one is responsible for your happiness but yourself.  embrace the tiny "insignificant" moments because those will change you just as much as the huge "important" moments will. i can promise you that. 

photographs by martina kovacevic