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so, basically all i did in amsterdam was go from restaurant to restaurant. but to be fair, what else am i supposed to do on a super windy and rainy day? i couldn't walk around all day like i was normally doing in every other city so naturally the next thing to do is eat...a lot. 

i think most of my amsterdam meals were great. the two places that i won't be forgetting anytime soon are harvest & co. as well as upstairs pannenkoeken. 

i definitely loved how great each store was set up. their interiors were killing it. a life goal of mine is to open up my own little restaurant and amsterdam definitely had me day dreaming about my dream place like crazy. who knows, maybe one day i'll surprise us all and open up my dream place.

Harvest & Co.
Tweede Helmersstraat 96 (Helmersbuurt)
+31 611 641654

Harvest & Co. is a curated shop containing vintage and new items for your home, travel, and to wear. their storefront is a coffee shop that brews speciality drinks which are delicious. i highly advise you to order their cortadito (it is one of the best i've had so far), browse through a magazine that's lying around, and hang out for a while. one of the owners took my coffee order while the other was hanging out at the front and i really loved that. i regret not striking up a real conversation with them, i bet they have some awesome stories to share.

this is definitely a shop worth checking out. i'm very into the concept they have going on. an environment of celebrating quality and honest craftsmanship truly comes to life at harvest & company which is something i admire deeply. i cannot say enough great things about this place, just simply that you must check it out.

1e Looiersdwarsstraat 4-BG (Jordaan)
+31 20 3202800

this first place i ate at was pazzi. it was a few steps away from my apartment and my friends and i were starving so naturally we decided not to walk very far to get some food in our mouths! they were closing soon, but the guy outside taking a smoking break happened to be the pizza maker and he told us to go in and that he'd take care of us. 

we ordered the two pizzas to go and grabbed ourselves a bottle of wine and some salads from the nearest market. maybe it was because i was so hungry or maybe they make a mean pizza, but they were both really great! the prosciutto and arugula was my favorite, but the mozzarella and cheese was also good. the crust was the best in my opinion. i love good crust and this pizza had good crust! i would go back to this restaurant, but i would order one of the more complex pizzas on the menu and probably eat in.
Phone number+31 20 3202800

Vinnies Deli
Haarlemmerstraat 46 (Centrum)
+31 20 7713086

i visited this cute organic cafe on my last day in amsterdam. it seemed to be a locals only kind of place which is my favorite! i ordered poached eggs on toast and a coffee and kind of wish i would've gone a little crazy and tried a few items off of their well as a piece of cake. unfortunately i was in a "i'm going to be healthy today" mood which truthfully didn't last very long. 

i suggest ordering one of their open-faced sandwiches and some coffee! the instagram photos of all their food definitely make me wish i could hop on a plane and grab a sandwich to-go (man, i wish that was a thing). last suggestion is to go eat upstairs and hangout by the window to people watch! heads up, they only take card which is a bummer!

Petit Gateau
Haarlemmerstraat 80 (Centrum)
+31 624 205631

this quote on their website sums this place up quite nicely "there once was a girl who wanted to be a pastry chef. she started a patisserie in paris, and after six successful years, she moved to amsterdam to do the same." a little bit of paris in amsterdam. this pastry shop is photogenic and is beautifully laid out. they have an open kitchen plan so you can watch the pastry chefs at work while ordering your espresso and tart (if you're like me you'll order at least two). 

i suggest ordering one of everything, but if you a normal human and cannot handle quite that many calories in one sitting then get the apricot and pistachio tart and something else. it was delicious and that crust is one to not forget. 

Jay's Juices
Haarlemmerstraat 14 (Centrum)
+31 20 6231267

somehow my traveling friend managed to get sick and it was not fun. i felt for her. the health nut in me came out and i started blurting out things we needed to get her to help her regain strength and feel better. while we were walking around waiting for our train to london we came across this gem. we entered and i very bluntly told the man behind the counter, "my friend is sick, we must make her feel better." he just laughed at us and eventually concocted some green juices for the both of us. he made her one which would help her out in her time of need and i specifically asked for a detox juice with lots of greens!

the drinks were really great and reminded me of home and sunny southern california weather! jay is clearly very knowledgable and you can tell by all the different magazine and newspaper articles written about him which he has posted on a wall in the tiny shop. so, if you are under the weather, want a really great juice, or are feeling guilty for all of the pastries and not so healthy food you have ingested...go here. 

Upstairs pannenkoeken
1012 GA Amsterdam (Centrum)
+31 20 6265603

let me start off by letting you know that this place is nestled between some other shops and is a little hard to find. keep your head up and look for their sign above a random door. once you are enter you will be surprised to see that you have to walk up these strange steep stairs to get inside the restaurant (it's all part of the experience, trust me). the interior feels like a dutch flea market. tea pots all over the ceiling and old photographs covering the walls. it's really cute in a "dutch grandma" kind of way.

let's talk about the meal. i'm still dreaming about the pancake i had. anthony bourdain (my forever crush) visited this place and said great things so obviously i would have to check the place out. thank god i did because the pancake with salami, cheese, and tomatoes will forever be one of the best meals i've had from some tiny hole in the wall. "this ain't no ihop" is what came out of my friend's mouth and she was damn right. these are dutch pancakes cooked to perfection. their menu is pretty extensive, but i think going with something simple is probably your best bet.