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my stay in amsterdam was quite short, but it was still fun. it's such a beautiful city. everywhere you turn you are met by some cool looking building. i definitely did not expect it to be so trendy. the fashion there is pretty on point, the boutiques are great, and the cafes are definitely instagram worthy. overall amsterdam is a city based around art and i love that.

since i have been starting every post with a few tips on each city here are a few for amsterdam:
- be careful of the cyclist. they're not going to stop if you're in their way. they're kings of the road.
- walk everywhere. ride the bus as little as possible, it's not cheap and walking will allow you to find cool like alleyways, cute cafes, and just get a better look of the city.
- ride a bike at least once. i was not able to because of how insanely windy and rainy it was, but we were told by a local that it's really easy to bike there. 
- take a hop on, hop off boat ride. you'll get to learn some cool things you never would've learned by just walking around.
- check out the covered flower market.
- look up, you'll be surprised by all the cool details you will see. 
- coffee shops are where you go to smoke weed, cafes are bars and actual coffee drinking and food eating cafes. 
- stay out late. that's when you meet the most interesting characters and be amongst the locals.