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last month i took a mini-vacation (it was so needed) to good ol' san francisco to visit a friend. it is one of my most favorite cities, ever. one day i would love to call it home. i spent five days eating, walking around, and shopping. i wish my life could be a mini-vacation?

i took my dslr with me, but didn't use it once! what a shame, but the feeling of just roaming a city without having to worry about snapping photos here or there was a nice little relief. i did however snap some shots on my trusty iphone.

i really envy my friend for getting to wake up to this morning after morning. lovely view, right?! the weather was pretty great while i was up there & i wasn't complaining! i am more of a gloomy weather kind of girl, but cold weather while the sun is out is probably the best weather for a trip. i brought enough clothes for cold weather, but on the last day i was there it was pretty hot and my wardrobe wasn't expecting it.

on easter sunday we had went to service and somehow landed in probably the hilliest part of san francisco. our poor feet had to endure our couple of hours of being lost. on this little "lost" trip we did some shopping, eating, and walking...a lot of walking. we eventually located where we were and ended up outside of marc jacobs. we walked in and decided to make it a tradition to get something from that exact store every time i go visit my friend (when i was up there in november i bought myself a lovely wallet and earrings) so i bought myself some cute earrings.

how cute does emily look with her flowers for her family? that bart trip was funny and long!

i had a wonderful time and cannot wait to go back! what are some of your favorite things to do on mini-vacations?