Posted: 5.25.2012 | | Labels:

so, my love for pink is kind of outrageous. for those of you who know me personally you know this is crazy because a couple of months ago i did not like pink. i hated it! there, i said it. over the past year my taste in everything has evolved, a lot. one of those evolved things would be my love for neon pink and all the other shades of pink. if i could i would wear at least three pink items a day! okay i might be over exaggerating a tad about my adoration for this color, but let me tell you that whenever i spot something cute and pink i instantly want it. these items are a few of the neon pink items i am dying to call my own. neons are perfect for spring & summer!

Karen Walker sunglasses / Madewell lace bra / Cambridge Satchel purse / Rebecca Minkoff sunglass case / Ban.do hair accessory