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so, even though this heat wave is so so terrible and sometimes it feels like it will never go away...fall is getting closer and closer! i am so excited because fall and winter are my absolute favorite seasons! sweaters, beanies, and lots and lots of pretty coats. it does not getting any better than that! 

with that being said, i decided to pick three wonderful sweaters and three super fun sweatshirts that would be so wonderful for when it starts getting a little chilly. 

i need all six of these bad boys in my closet like yesterday. i really think that i could wear these forever and ever. they're fun, sassy, and a little colorful so you don't have to stick with basic dark colors during the colder seasons.

shop: one. sonia by sonia rykiel wool cashmere sweater two. aubin & wills sweatshirt  / three. banjo & matilda cashmere sweater / four. zoe karssen sweatshirt / five. markus lupfer wool sweater / six. zoe karssen sweatshirt /