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i want to start posting about some of my favorite trends and brands/shops on thursdays! i'm going to call this series shop lovin'. to start it off i decided to write about one of my favorite brands, ever! i love when i am out and about and can spot people wearing some great warby parkers. i myself own the sinclair glasses for reading. i am currently in love with, (all of them) the bensen glasses and am hoping to try them on and own them super soon because i'm in need of a new prescription and why not buy a new pair of warbys while i am at it!

i've known about this brand for a few a while now and could not be anymore excited for them. i originally came across their website when they were still new and not as well known as they are now...but it didn't take too long for warby parker to blow up!

the great thing about warby parker is that every pair is only $95 and they fill your prescription for you! even better than that is that for every pair you buy they give a pair away to someone in need! the way it works is that warby parker provides funding and/or glasses to non-profit partners like visionspring. there is nothing better than an awesome brand giving back.

oh and have i mentioned their home try-on program! you can pick up to five different frames to try on at home for five days. gives you time to ask friends which pair or pairs fit you the best! it's so great and convenient that it's almost like you have to go pick five out right after you finish reading this and then buy some! right?!

so, if you guys need a new pair of glasses for reading and want to look super stylish then go check them out! i promise you will want to own every pair! these are four of my favorites pairs! it was so hard to chose only four! ah, don't you just want them all!?


glasses found here: bensen / fillmore / sinclair / preston